1.2gmz 2.4gmz 5.8gmz wireless camera detector and hunter

1.2gmz 2.4gmz 5.8gmz wireless camera detector wireless camera pro hunter
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There are about 3 frequency bands of Wireless Camera/Audio in the market. You will be able to HEAR the Audio Bug Transmitter or see the wireless Video Live or Both 

Those are the Most Popular A/V frequency in the Today Market 

2.4 GHz wireless camera /Audio was the mainstream, but 2.4G channel is too

crowded and has heavy interference with other 2.4 GHz wireless devices.


1.2 GHz wireless Cameras /Audio, flood in market, because of its cheap price.

But the dealer should be careful, 1.2 GHz band (965 MHz - 1280 MHz)

is a restricted frequency band for government and aviation use.

Violations of the regulation may subject the violator to criminal

sanctions, including imprisonment.


5.8 GHz is a new and clean land for wireless cameras/audio , you might find

that more and more 5.8 GHz wireless cameras appear in market this year.





Display: 2.5 TFT LCD

Video Support: NTSC/PAL Standard

Scanning Range: 965~1280MHz, 2400~2483.5MHz, 5724~5870MHz

Operation Mode: Auto / Manual

Antenna Connector: SMT

Battery Life Indication: LED Indication

Power: INTERNAL: 3.7V Li-ion(2200mAH) / EXTERNAL: DC 5V/2A Adaptor

Frequency Display: LCM

Manual Scan Mode: 1 MHzc, 10 MHzc

Video/Audio Output: 3.5” Phone Jack

Alarm Output: NC / NO Switch

Sensitivity Adjustment: 5 Sections

Buzzer: ON/OFF Switch

Vibration Alert: ON/OFF Switch

Operation Current: 750 mA

Battery Lifetime: 2.5 Hours

Dimension: 95(L) x 94(W) x 24(H) mm

Weight: 164g (without Battery)

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