Professional Digital Voice Recorder Jammer

Professional Digital Voice Recorder Jammer:85% phone voice recorder, digital voice recorder and cassette tape recorder jammer
SKU: AJ0010
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Audio Recorder Jammer AJ0010
The Audio Recorder Jammer AJ0010 suppresses the operation of the recorders by radiating noise interference. The parameters of the noise interference are specially adapted for suppression of many types of recorders. It improves the functioning performance of the jammer. AJ0010 does not make any acoustic noises when it is working!
You can use Audio Recorder Jammer AJ0010 as desktop device in your office, as standalone device in your briefcase. It is in clock design and disguise its actual function. You can put any of the office item on top of it (such as phone set, penholder, etc.). Thus, you can hide functioning of the jammer from anyone who is trying to get the confidential information.
Furthermore the Audio Recorder Jammer AJ0010 can jam >85% types of (Voice Recorder) analog recorder and digital voice recorder equipped with wire or without wire microphone that you can buy in the market and ~50% types of digital recorder that you can find in the market, but except digital recorder that integrated with mobile phone.
You can use the remote control unit to activate/deactivate the suppression.


Audio Recorder Jammer AJ0010
with Briefcase
The suppression of audio cassette recorders.
The suppression of audio digital recorders.
Remote control.
Long operation time
Intelligent fast battery charger.
Size is suitable for portable application.


Distance of suppression digital recorder, max: 2 meters
Distance of suppression cassete recorder, max: 3 - 8 meters
Suppression beamwidth horizontal: 90degree
Suppression beamwidth vertical: 90degree
Working Tem: 0-45 degree
Remote control range: up to 10 meters
Operation time, max: 2.5 hrs
Dimension: 240x195x135 mm
Product Weight: 8 kg
Power Supply 12V 2A
Material: Metal
Output Level: 3 adjustable

Disturbance power:90dB+(at1M)