720p Wifi IP IR Night Version Watch Camera DVR with compass

Support tf card upto 32Gb and IOS Andriod app; can watch anywhere
SKU: WAC0237


1. Turn On/Turn Off Long press A to turn on Blue light on and enter WIFI standby mode automatically,
Long press A to turn off, the light off.
2. WIFI Mode: Long press A, blue light flashing, after that Long time bright, enter to WIFI standby
mode, and then enter the APP operation. In working status, Short press A key to close / open blue
indicator light.
3. Watch Video: The blue light long on state, short press B once, red light on, enter to the watch video
standby, and then press the A once the red light flashing 3times to start video. In working status, short
press B to pause / open video.
4. Open LED lighting: In the Turn on state, long press the B the LED lights on, press the B again to close.
5. Charging status camera: When the power is connected, the blue lights and green lights on, enter to
the WIFI operation mode automatically. That will to above operations.
6. Charging indicator: Connect power the green light on start charging, charging full the green light off.’
7. Restore factory settings: In the blue light on state, short press the B 2times, red and blue light on,
and then press the A once, red and blue light flashing until to red off, blue light on, and complete
restore factory settings.


Picture Format:JPG
Resolution 1280*720P / 640*480P
Video format:MP4
Visual angle:90 degrees
Motion detection camera distance: Straight line 6 meters
Minimum illumination 1LUX
Battery capacity:380mAH
Power Battery:380MA/3.7V
Recording range㎡:5m2㎡
Storage temperature:-20-80 Degree
Operating temperature:-10-48 Degree
Operating humidity:15-85%RH
Memory card type:TF card
Memory card capacity maximum support:32GB
Android/iOS Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista; Mac os 10.4; Linux
Play software :Operating system comes with or mainstream video player software

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